Pau Esculies has a true passion for culinary art.  With his camera he captures the essence of chefs’ creations, probing the sensibilities and soul of each dish as well as highlighting the natural beauty of the ingredients.  Esculies’ photography largely features nourishing dishes prepared to support a healthy lifestyle.  He has traveled extensively to Morocco, China, France, Germany, the USA and dozens of other countries to photograph the vibrant energy of their culinary elements.

Esculies was honored in 2015, 2014 and 2013 with a nomination for food photographer of the year in the prestigious Pink Lady Food Photography competition in London.

His work has been featured in important culinary publications including Slowly Veggie, Time Out Barcelona, Elle Gourmet, País Semanal, Cocina Vegetariana, Neo2, Etselquemenges.cat, Luxury Spirits & Baterding Magazine, Rabat. His extensive portfolio includes portraits of dishes created by talented and innovative chefs including world-renowned Carme Ruscalleda, Ferran Adriá and the Roca brothers whose restaurant Cellar de Can Roca is currently considered the finest in the world.

Esculies appreciates working with clients such us:

Grup Codorniu, Raimat,Weight Watchers, Bobby Gin, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Campari, Nespresso, Walter Thompson, Agencia Alicia, Crua Raw Gourmet Cuisine, CocinaVegetariana, Descobrir Cuina, Studio Australia, Volswagen, Damm, La Caixa, Servihabitat,  Psaging, Yoshu 8 Beijing, Batiscafo Studio, Geze, Yabiladi, Editorial Planeta, MC ediciones, AT Verlag.

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